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Australian Family Migration and Visa

There followings are different types of visas under the family visa scheme in Australia which Click Australian could assist you with your applications and migration of your beloved family members to.

Partner Visas / Prospective Marriage Visa
Child visa
Contributory parent visa
Carer Visa

Applying for these visas and gaining positive and fast outcome is not reached by completing their forms only, there are bits and peaces so as tricks that you will learn after applying for any of them for more than 20 times. You obviously do not want to practice your administration skill on your believed family members visas !

The above list are the types of visas that we can assist you with your document preparation and application lodgements in Australia or abroad.
Nonetheless, if you have applied for one of the above visas and your application was rejected for some reason which you are believing that those grounds are not exist, or your situation have changed since your visa application was initially lodged or refused, we may be able to present your case and/or the argument to the Migration Review Tribunal and gain a more favourable decision for your or your family's visa application.


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